Trolley Carts Officially Arrive in Downtown Cary – Here’s What You Need to Know

Service is planned to begin this fall.

(photo from Mayor Harold’s Blog)

Update 11/09/2023: The trolley carts have been returned to the merchant due to not meeting the town’s expectations. Read full update here. Original article below.

Back in November 2022, Cary’s Town Council authorized the purchase of trolleys to service the downtown Cary area. Two trolleys (pictured above) have officially been delivered last week and are being planned to run in downtown Cary this fall.

You may see them driving through downtown today, though they are just doing test runs and will not be open to the public.

Here’s everything you need to know about this upcoming downtown transportation option:

How big are the trolleys?

The trolleys are 24-foot models and can seat up to 22 passengers at a time.

How much will it cost to ride the trolley?

The trolley will be free to ride for all passengers.

Will the trolley be handicap accessible?

Yes, the trolley will have an ADA-accessible ramp, according to the website.

Will it have AC/heat?

The trolley will have air conditioning for these hot summer days, and heat for when it starts to get colder outside. It is fully enclosed, but with plenty of windows to enjoy the view of downtown during your ride without sacrificing comfort.

Inside one of the trolleys – photo from

Where are the trolley stops? What hours will it run?

The town is still finalizing the scheduling, and it is expected to be announced by the end of summer. The only thing we know for sure is that the Town Hall parking deck will be one of the stops, and there will likely be at least three stops as the town has announced they are constructing three new stops.

When will the service begin?

The service is expected to begin this Fall (2023). Coincidently, this is the same timeframe that the new Downtown Park is expected to open, so we can expect to see a lot of change/action happening downtown as we get closer to the end of the year.

You can read more about the trolley on Cary’s official website here.

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