Ending The Cary Report

At least for now.

Happy 2024, Cary!

After much debating, I have decided to cease publishing new content for The Cary Report.

I started The Cary Report in June of 2022. From then to now, I’ve interviewed and talked to many local businesses, members of our local government, explored many of Cary’s parks and greenways, and highlighted exciting events in our town. It has been an absolute honor to do so, and I will keep this website online indefinitely so those articles will remain readable for years to come.

I have gotten so much feedback since beginning The Cary Report. Some of it is constructive criticism, but most of it is support for my mission and brand. I can not thank everybody enough for reading my content and following along.

By the end of its life, The Cary Report has 2495 followers on Instagram, 709 followers on Facebook, a 6-month average of over 6k unique website visitors, and 302 email subscribers.

I may bring The Cary Report back one day. But for now, it will enter an indefinite hiatus.

Special Thanks

Bob Fennel – for the stellar reporting about the Carolina Hurricanes.

Rahnàwakęw Donnie McDowell – for the incredibly well-written submissions about the Tuscarora Nation of North Carolina and the issues and prejudice they are facing.

Ryan Eades – for running every Greenway of the Month while serving District D!

The Walker Apartments – for purchasing our puzzles to give to new residents.

Good Day Cary – for keeping some inventory of our puzzles.

Aqua-Tots Swim School – for being an early supporter of The Cary Report.

Eileen Moran – for keeping me motivated and loved.

The Town of Cary – for allowing me to re-post the Mayor’s blog to help with traffic.

Our readers – so I wasn’t just shouting into the void.

Daisy Doodle – for her coverage of dog-friendly places.

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