Gun Shot Fired at Cary High School – No Injuries Reported

All students are accounted for and safe.

Police responded to a report of a gun shot at Cary High School Wednesday morning, prompting the school to go on lockdown.

Officers have confirmed that a student has been detained and questioned as a result of the shooting.

Multiple sources have confirmed that the gun was fired in the bathroom, damaging a toilet in the process.

Nobody was reported injured and the police have stated that there is no threat to the public. It has been confirmed that all students are accounted for and safe.

Police have stressed that this is an ongoing investigation and those that have information should call Cary Police at (919) 469-4012.

Update (10/12 10:50 PM): Police have announced that two juveniles have been charged in connection of the incident. The gun was fired one time inside of a restroom at the high school, and the case is now being handled by the Wake County District Attorney’s Office. As the case involves minors, the amount of public information is limited.

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