Daisy’s Tails of Cary: Di Fara Pizza Tavern

This time, my paws led me to a place where the aroma of deliciousness fills the air and four-legged friends are just as welcome as the two-legged ones – Di Fara Pizza Tavern

Daisy’s Tails of Cary is a column celebrating dog-friendly places and establishments around Cary, NC – written from the perspective of Daisy, my dog.

Woof, woof, my fellow adventurers! It’s Daisy, back with another tail-wagging chapter of my Cary escapades. This time, my paws led me to a place where the aroma of deliciousness fills the air and four-legged friends are just as welcome as the two-legged ones – Di Fara Pizza Tavern, a true slice of heaven for pizza-loving humans and their furry sidekicks like me!

Di Fara was voted the #1 pizza place in Cary in a previous Cary Report article, so I just had to see what all the fuss was about. And boy, what a time it was!

Located right at the heart of downtown Cary (111 E Chatham St), Di Fara beckoned with the promise of a scrumptious adventure. The moment we arrived, my sniffer went into overdrive, picking up the unmistakable scent of freshly baked pizza. It was as if the aroma itself wrapped me in a warm embrace, and I knew this was going to be a memorable outing.

My human noticed that parking directly at Di Fara can be quite challenging – the lot fills up fast and there is a limited amount of spaces. Luckily, after reading his Parking in Downtown Cary article, even I, Daisy, could find a spot to park if my paws reached the pedals. My human parked at the public First United Methodist Church Lot (here is the location on Google Maps, off of Waldo St) and it was a short stroll from there!

As we approached, I noticed I was far from the only dog enjoying the atmosphere. Humans were smiling, laughing, eating and drinking all with their K9 companion in tow. This was my kind of place!

Di Fara’s interior exuded a cozy charm, a perfect blend of inviting and rustic. The inside wasn’t a place for pups, though, so I had to admire the atmosphere from outside, which is no big deal for me! I love outside!

The staff welcomed us warmly, and I received and a water bowl fit for a princess. Ah, the simple pleasures in life! While I lapped up my water, my humans indulged in conversations with the friendly servers, all while eyeing the menu with a hungry anticipation.

One thing to know about Di Fara is that it gets BUSY here. With the scents my sniffer was picking up, I can understand why! We ended up with one of the last few tables available. The pizza is made fresh and it takes longer to get to your table than other establishments, but my humans made it seem like it was well worth the wait! Plus, it is just more time I get to spend people watching (and bonding with my humans!).

Speaking of the pizza – oh my, what a delight! The “white pie,” as they called it, was a garlicky masterpiece that had my human’s taste buds dancing. I may not have been able to partake in the human delicacies, but the smells were MORE than enough to satisfy this pup. Plus, my human brought some treats just for me, Daisy!

The real charm of Di Fara, though, was the bustling atmosphere. We opted to sit at one of the tables just outside the building, where I could keep watch over the passing people. It was a delightful spectacle, observing the world go by, one paw-step at a time. My fellow canines strolled by, noses high, each one on their own adventure, and I felt right at home.

Just me and my bully stick, watching the world pass by!

Even though the pet-friendly patio was full, we didn’t mind one bit. The spot we chose was perfect for soaking up the vibrant vibes of downtown Cary while indulging in our own little slice of happiness – literally for my humans and figuratively for me!

As the sun began its slow descent, casting a golden glow over everything in its path, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for moments like these. Di Fara had not just served pizza; it had served up a memory, a memory of flavor, companionship, and the simple joy of watching the world go by from a cozy spot.

So, dear pals, if you’re in the mood for incredible pizza, a pet-friendly vibe, and a front-row seat to downtown life, Di Fara Pizza Tavern on East Chatham Street is the place to be. With every bite of their delectable dishes, every wag of a tail, you’ll be writing your own chapter in the tale of a paw-some day.

Be sure to join me next time for another Daisy’s Tails of Cary!

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