Downtown Cary Social District – Here’s What You Need to Know

Here’s everything we know about the social district, including the area that it will cover.

Once the new downtown park opens in November, a new social district will go into effect in downtown Cary. The social district will allow visitors to consume certain alcoholic beverages in a designated area instead of being confined to a specific business’s premises. Here’s everything we know about the social district, including the area that it will cover.


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The social district boundary will be mostly the new downtown park, but it does stretch to Cotton House, The Mayton hotel, as well as the area surrounding the library and The Walker apartments. While it may seem obvious, it is indicated that the library parking deck, and the actual library itself, will not be participating in the social district.

What type of alcoholic beverages will be allowed?

No outside alcoholic beverages can be consumed in the social district. Businesses that are participating will be selling beer and wine in social-district-specific cups (see below). Only beer and wine will be sold (read: no liquor will be available).

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What are the hours for the social district?

The social district will be in effect 7 days a week, 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM.

What businesses will participate in the social district?

The Bark Bar in the park will be participating in the social district, while other businesses have yet to announce their participation. If a business is participating, they will have a sign indicating as such.

How many beverages can you purchase at once?

A maximum of two beverages can be sold or delivered to a single patron.

Will all of S. Academy St be part of the social district? Will they ever expand it?

Currently the boundary stops at E Park St, right past The Mayton hotel. This small boundary is being tested to see how well it is managed. The town may then consider expanding or creating a new social district depending on the results.

Can I bring my social district beverage outside of the social district?

No, the beverage must be disposed of upon leaving the social district or entering a business that is not participating in the social district (such as the library).

Where can I read more information?

You can read more on the town’s official website here.

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