Reader’s Choice: Top 3 Italian Restaurants in Cary

The Cary Report has conducted a poll to determine the community’s favorite Italian eateries. Here are the top 3 results!

Cary residents are fortunate to have an abundance of excellent Italian restaurants to choose from. The Cary Report has conducted a poll to determine the community’s favorite Italian eateries on Instagram. After tallying the votes and analyzing the results, we present the top three Italian restaurants that emerged as clear winners. Let’s delve into the selections and explore what makes them stand out.

3. La Grassa Pastificio
– Address: 908 NE Maynard Rd, Cary, NC 27513


Photo inside of La Grassa
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Claiming the third spot is La Grassa Pastificio. This beloved establishment has captivated Cary residents with its dedication to crafting fresh, handmade pasta dishes. There is a revolving menu, making repeat visits more meaningful as you can try something completely new. The interior is incredibly cozy, and they make some of the best pasta in the Triangle.

2. Enrigo Italian Bistro

– Address: 575 New Waverly Pl #106, Cary, NC 27518

– Website:

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Securing the second position is Enrigo Italian Bistro. Located inside Waverly Place, this charming eatery has won the hearts and palates of Cary locals with its authentic Italian fare and cozy atmosphere. There is outdoor seating where you can enjoy a glass of wine in the middle of Waverly, listening to the fountain splash as you get served your excellent food. Enrigo consistently delivers quality dishes and service, providing the perfect date night atmosphere.

1. Colletta

– Address: 1 Fenton Main St Suite 170, Cary, NC 27511

– Website:

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The newest restaurant on this list, Colletta is located in Fenton and has quickly secured its position as one of the best Italian restaurants. This is definitely the most up-scale spot on this list, so prepare to pay top dollar – but the food is worth every penny. You can eat inside the large, cozy interior or sit on the semi-covered patio and enjoy the fresh air as you partake in your meal. You can expect all of your traditional Italian classics, such as wood-fired pizza, house-made pasta, and an excellent wine list. Make sure you give Colletta a try if you haven’t already, and see why they were voted #1 in Cary!

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