Need a Driver’s License? Cary Driver’s License Office Has No Available Appointments Until January

The Cary Driver’s License Office is booked up until January 11th – almost 90 days from today.

Whether you are a new driver or just changed your address, getting a driver’s license is an important milestone in establishing your residency as well as a legal requirement to be on the road. If you’ve just moved to North Carolina, or moved within the state to a new address, NC allows you 60 days after moving to get a new license with your updated address. The Cary Driver’s License Office, however, is booked up until January 11th – almost 90 days from today.

While they do allow walk-ins, those slots fill up very quickly and you still may have to wait hours before talking to an employee. The office is open 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM and closed on weekends, which means that many people would need to take time off of work in order to begin the new license process.

One tip that is often suggested is to drive to a different, more rural town and visit their office to see if they are able to accommodate you. It is recommended that you call ahead and let them know that you plan on stopping by before making the trip.

Cary’s Driver’s License Office is located at 1387 SE Maynard Road, Cary, NC 27511. You can attempt to book an appointment here, but keep in mind that you can be ticketed by police if it has been beyond 60 days since you’ve moved, and there are no appointments within 60 days.

With 182,000 residents (a number that has been rapidly increasing for the past few decades), it may be time for the state to expand the offerings currently available in Cary and build more and larger facilities.

As big tech companies create jobs and large scale developments begin construction, the wait times will likely only continue to rise.

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