Sheetz is Lowering Gas to $1.99 for Thanksgiving Week, Again.

Get $1.99 gas in Cary until Monday, November 27th.

Need something to be thankful for? Sheetz is lowering gas to $1.99/gallon for Unleaded 88 until Monday, November 27th at all locations that carry this specific fuel grade.

The promotion began yesterday, November 20th.

In Cary, the Sheetz located at 101 Kumar Ct, Cary, NC 27606 (near Crossroads), is participating in this deal. You can also check the Sheetz app for other nearby locations outside of Cary.

Unleaded 88 gasoline is acceptable for almost all vehicles from 2001 and newer, but you should consult your operations manual to ensure that it is acceptable for your specific car. Higher-end vehicle brands, such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz, recommend using gasoline with an octane level of at least 91 to get the best performance out of your vehicle for example.

While gas prices have been decreasing in North Carolina in general, it is still a long way from pre-pandemic rates. With an estimated 55 million Americans planning on traveling by car for Thanksgiving, the savings at the pump could go a long way.

Sheetz ran the same promotion last year as well, leading to long lines at the pump for those eager to save. Make sure you plan ahead if you need to fill your tank, as you may have to wait for a bit until you reach the front of the line depending on what time of day you go.

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