The Daily Essentials – Cary-born sisters celebrate one year of business together

Dana Duvernay, co-founder of TDE, shared insights into their journey, successes, and exciting plans for the future in an exclusive interview.

In a bustling corner of the Triangle, The Daily Essentials (TDE), a dynamic website design and social media marketing firm, is marking a significant milestone – its one-year anniversary. Dana Duvernay, co-founder of TDE, shared insights into their journey, successes, and exciting plans for the future in an exclusive interview.

From Recruiting to Entrepreneurship: A Layoff Leads to New a Opportunity

The Daily Essentials emerged amidst the whispers of an impending recession. Co-founders Dana and Deni Duvernay were both entrenched in the recruitment sector when the storm clouds of economic uncertainty gathered. As layoffs and belt-tightening measures swept through their recruiting firm, Deni’s job was among the casualties. Seizing the moment, the sisters viewed it as a golden opportunity to channel their entrepreneurial spirit into TDE.

Before officially starting TDE, Dana has been working with local Cary businesses (on the side) with website design and social media marketing for over 10 years – setting the groundwork for TDE.

“There were always plans to own a marketing company, but never a timeline. Deni went to NC State for Brand Management & Marketing, so it was very expected,” Dana explains. “We have the perfect variety of knowledge and experience to help other businesses.”

Sibling Collaboration: The Art of Balancing Family and Business

Going into business with a sibling can be challenging, but Dana and Deni have found a way to make it work. Dana shared, “Things are pretty civil, but at the end of the day, we are sisters. It probably helps us overall because we have such open communication and don’t have to sugarcoat anything.”

Community Engagement: The Heartbeat of TDE

One of TDE’s most gratifying aspects is the profound connections it has forged within the local community. For Dana and Deni, clients have become friends, and the opportunity to bring diverse businesses together has been particularly rewarding. The Daily Essentials often acts as a conduit for unique collaborations, such as recently pairing a Healer & Energetics Coach with a local restaurant for a Vision Board Event.

Their second favorite thing is the growth that they get to witness firsthand from their clients.

“Our very first client (even before The Daily Essentials became official) started with us when she just formed her own business. She was working for someone else and taking a few of her own clients on the side,” Dana explains. “After only six months of working together, she went FULL TIME in her own business and upgraded her location. To be a part of her dreams coming true, has been so cool to watch. Glam and Glo Beauty Bar by Taylor Summers is one of my favorite growth stories! “

The Road Ahead: A Special Announcement

Dana had exciting news to share, “We are giving away a FREE WEBSITE. Head over to our Instagram ( to enter! Giveaway closes September 22nd!”

Exceeding Expectations: TDE’s Remarkable Growth

Reflecting on their journey, Dana said, “Our growth has been hard work, but so worth it.” She emphasized their commitment, stating, “Our knowledge and experience provided us with the perfect foundation for success. We started with the mindset that The Daily Essentials would be successful and won’t stop until we get to where we want to be!”

Beyond Business: Leisure Time in Cary

Outside of work, Dana and Deni enjoy spending time with their dogs and exploring downtown Cary. They have a fondness for Mexican food, with favorites including La Victoria and Chido Taco.

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