Downtown Cary’s Newest Coffee Spot is Quaint, Delicious… and in a Vintage Horse Trailer?

Nestled in the heart of downtown Cary, a charming coffee spot has been quietly making its mark on the local scene.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Cary (driveway of Cotton House, 307 S Academy St), a charming coffee spot has been quietly making its mark on the local scene. Filly Coffee Co., owned by Rosanna Mirabal, offers good coffee, pastries, and excellent service, all from a repurposed vintage horse trailer as cute as its name: Li’l Bison.

A Journey of Passion and Resilience

Rosanna Mirabal’s journey into the coffee world started as a dream nurtured during her travels to Europe. It was there that she fell in love with the art of coffee-making and envisioned creating her own signature blend, the “Travelers Blend.” This dream took shape in October 2019 when she opened PeachyGifts Coffee in West Chester, PA.

However, like many small businesses, PeachyGifts Coffee faced challenges during the pandemic. Rosanna changed the name to Filly Coffee Co. and relocated to Raleigh, NC. The name “Filly” (meaning young female horse) pays homage to the inspiration she drew from the horse farmlands of West Chester, where she originally started her venture. Filly Coffee Co. became a symbol of her dream taking flight.

Meet Bison: The Quaint Coffee Trailer

Filly Coffee Co.’s charm isn’t just in its name but also in its cozy setup. The coffee shop on wheels, affectionately known as “Li’l Bison,” is a vintage horse trailer that has been lovingly refurbished and decorated. The name “Bison” comes from the trailer’s manufacturer, which is no longer in business, making this trailer a unique find.

Bison, born in 1989, underwent a transformation in Lancaster, PA, in 2020, with a fresh coat of paint and a stylish makeover. Today, it stands as a quaint, inviting coffee trailer complete with greenery, decorative signs, plants, and a warm atmosphere.

A Partnership with Cotton House

One may wonder how Filly Coffee Co. found its prime spot in downtown Cary. Rosanna shared that the partnership with Cotton House came about after a brainstorming session (ironically being done at Cotton House) with Jill, a commercial broker from Kalisiak Properties.

“Jill and I ended up at the Cotton House during a brainstorming session, and the idea came to mind! We met with the owner of the Cotton House and the rest of the team,” explains Rosanna. “This partnership started in February but only came to fruition recently as we had to get additional approval and permits from the town.”

Coffee, Coffee, and Coffee

What makes Filly unique is the quality and taste of the coffee. Since Filly is using its own profile blend, you can have high expectations (and have them be met) when ordering from Filly. The cold brew is smooth and strong, the pumpkin spice latte tastes like autumn in a cup, and the cookie run latte (one of Rosanna’s favorites) is “not too sweet, but very delightful.”

What’s Next?

While future plans are still being decided, you can expect more seasonal flavors to be released as we head into fall (apple cider, anyone?). Once the new downtown park is open on November 19th, Filly’s location will be very convenient to stop by and grab a beverage as you explore the new amenities.

Oh, And They Have Dog Treats

Daisy gives Filly Coffee Co. four paws up!

You can visit Filly Coffee Co.’s website here. The current hours are Tuesday-Thursday, 7:30 AM – 2:00 PM, and Friday, 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM.

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