Greenway of the Month (August): Stone Creek Greenway

Each month in 2023 (other than January), The Cary Report will feature a different greenwayThere are 39 greenways located in Cary, and each article will feature information about the greenway so that you can plan your next walk. You can click here to view the others!

Located behind the Stone Creek Village Shopping Center, Stone Creek Greenway is a short .6 mile (1.2 miles roundtrip) peaceful greenway that connects through various residential areas.

There is plenty of parking at the shopping center (the most convenient lot to the greenway can be found here), where you can pick up some food or drinks before or after your stroll. Stone Creek Village is not like your typical strip mall; it is nicely landscaped and actually a joy to walk around in. There are plenty of restaurants to grab a bite to eat at, a grocery store to pick up some snacks, a dog bakery and grooming spot to bring your four-legged friend to, and more!

Despite being next to a bustling shopping center, Stone Creek Greenway is surprisingly quiet and full of green. The short paved path is a great spot to take a short run or enjoy a quick stroll after grabbing lunch. This time of year, the green leaves really stand out, making the path look more like a cut through the forest rather than an urban walking path.

This is a pretty short greenway. It is primarily flat and easy for most activity levels. Stone Creek Greenway probably isn’t a spot where you would make a purposeful destination (like White Oak Creek), but it is a lovely spot if you are already in the area shopping or if you live nearby.

Stone Creek Greenway connects to the Davis Drive Street-Side Trail if you want to continue your walk. The street-side trail is really just a wide sidewalk as the name suggests, so it isn’t going to be quite as scenic, but potentially useful if you are using the Stone Creek Greenway as a method to get to a different destination.

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