Greenway of the Month (June): Black Creek Greenway

Each month in 2023 (other than January), The Cary Report will feature a different greenwayThere are 39 greenways located in Cary, and each article will feature information about the greenway so that you can plan your next walk. You can click here to view the others!

Black Creek Greenway is the largest greenway in Cary – and perhaps the most scenic. The 7.1 mile trail stretches from Bond Park all the way to Lake Crabtree and has numerous starting points.

Starting at Bond Park (801 High House Rd), you can follow the signs to jump on the Black Creek Greenway. From there, you will travel through paved sections through trees, go on a wide sidewalk, go over and under bridges, go through a tunnel, and eventually make it to beautiful Lake Crabtree.

The entire route is safe and fun, though the small sections where you have to ride on a extra-wide sidewalk alongside a busy road will not feel as tranquil as the rest of the trail, though it is a just a small portion of the greenway. If that’s something you aren’t comfortable with, you can always start at the trailhead (located about half way through the greenway) which skips the busy road part of the greenway. The trailhead also offers plenty of parking if that is where you want to begin your journey.

Black Creek Greenway is full of lush trails with plenty of birds, rabbits, and deer to keep you company. This greenway is probably best experienced by bike, but long-distance runners will find that the relatively flat surface of Black Creek Greenway makes it a great training ground, though there are a couple of hilly sections.

There is currently construction ongoing near the end of the trail where it would usually connect to Lake Crabtree. There is a 3.1 mile detour that you can take, which is beautiful in its own right, though it does mean that it will take a little bit of extra effort to get to the end. Construction should end at some point in the summer.

While on the greenway, make sure to check out North Cary Park’s climbing boulders!

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