Greenway of the Month (July): Higgins Greenway

This short-but-sweet greenway near the center of Cary is July’s greenway of the month.

Each month in 2023 (other than January), The Cary Report will feature a different greenwayThere are 39 greenways located in Cary, and each article will feature information about the greenway so that you can plan your next walk. You can click here to view the others!

Located next to Dorothy Park and less than a mile from downtown, Higgins Greenway is a short-but-sweet stroll that features multiple entrances and lush scenery.

The entire trail is about .8 miles, but as it is not a loop, it will take you about 1.6 miles to fully go in and out of the path.

You will notice trees towering over the trail, shrubs covering the stream that slowly flows throughout the greenway, and wildlife co-existing with trail walkers. Higgins Greenway is a beautiful escape into nature, despite being so close to the rapidly developing downtown.

A pair of ducks float along a small pond located along the Higgins greenway.

Like almost all greenways in Cary, the trail is paved and also has multiple wooden bridges to cross. One of which was recently renovated, which will be very apparent by the scent of fresh wood. The greenway is mostly flat.

Runners will find Higgins to be an excellent trail to add to their route. With one of the main entrances/exits being at Dorothy park, runners can go through Higgins, go around Dorothy Park, make it to Heater Park in less than 5 minutes, and then end in downtown all in under 3 miles. The central location of the Higgins Greenway makes it very convenient for those living near the middle of the Maynard loop.

Higgins Greenway will begin construction to expand later this year to connect to downtown Cary. The expansion is part of a larger project to connect downtown to Cary’s greenway network. The connection will mean that you won’t need to walk along the side of sidewalk-less neighborhoods in order to get to downtown from the greenway.

If you’re looking to visit Higgins, your best bet would be to park along Union street or along Dorothy Park. There isn’t any official parking for either the park or the greenway, so you will have to utilize on-street parking and use your best judgement. You can get to the entrance by using this Google Maps link.

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